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Community Information

What better way to learn about your new area than through our community information tools. You are starting a new life, in a new location. Why not learn about all the different aspects of your new community? Our community information tools provide you with statistics, averages and information regarding school districts.

Moving Resources: Getting to Know Your Community

By entering your state and zip code, Allied's community information tools can provide you with an overview of your community. The community information tool can also compare two communities' overviews and costs of living. If you want school information, that option is available as well.

The community information provided starts with community characteristics, or factors that influence the specific community greatly. These factors can include nearby military facilities, residential turnover rates and closest sports teams. The community summary breaks down population growth and density, as well as household size and those households with children.

In regards to housing at your new location, our tools fill you in on residential turnover, average residency years and the percentages of those homes vacant, rented and owned. These percentages can give you a better idea of where you stand once you enter into your new community in regards to your neighbors. The housing inventory and housing stability statistics provided by this community information tool are great to know when heading into new territory.

Our community information tool will also provide you with population statistics in terms of age. Employment and income statistics are given in addition to the population information for your new community. The climate and weather statistics are also provided. You can find out the low and high temperatures, as well as the weather risk in your new location compared to the national average. To promote your sense of safety, crime statistics are compared to the national average as well.

Moving Education: Get to Know Your Schools

When moving, whether you are a college student or relocating a family of four, it's important to be aware of the quality of the school districts in your new community. The community information tool will provide you with the educational climate and highest level of education attained for your new location. This is broken down by degrees, ranging from no high school to graduate degrees.

For a more specific breakdown of the schools in your new area, you can click on the School Information tab to receive listings for all the schools in the community, both public and private. The school overview will provide you with information regarding the educational climate, technology measure, student to teacher ratio and students per grade. There are also more specific facts available such as the number of students, teacher and classrooms; featured programs; and the principal's name. You can become fully educated about the surrounding school districts before relocating to your new community.

Allied's Moving Resources and Education Tools

Use our community information tools to learn everything you need to know about your new location. Moving is an exciting time, and the sense of adventure is palpable. You're starting a new life in a new place. Becoming well educated about that new place will only add to the enjoyment of starting over.

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